It’s All About Toodling

I’ve discovered the secret to a great marriage.  I know there are all kinds of experts that will tell you all kinds of theories involving open relationships and can’t you forgive just one more time ?  I’m not about to allow some strange woman to touch my husband and I’m not all that forgiving so don’t screw up in the first place.  As you can see, I don’t subscribe to the ways of others all that much.  Though I will point out that my husband is VERY forgiving and as I am somewhat short tempered there may be some validity in that practice.  Besides night shift, the best thing my husband and I do for our marriage is toodling.  You heard it here first folks.  Toodling is the key to happy spouses.

My husband and I are toodlers.  Not your garden variety toodlers either.  We’ve been known to toodle at 6am to strange locations.  We’ve been known to toodle at 1030 at night.  We toodle on beaches, we toodle in art galleries, we toodle to restaurants.  What’s toodling you ask ? This great theory has not yet made it out in to the world of marriage counselling guru’s but it’s coming I assure you. Toodling is spending odd bits of time together in weird places.  Not doing anything weird that is likely to lead to an open relationship requiring forgiveness, just a bit off the norm.  My husband is a great toodler and I’ve taken it up as well.

We’ve toodled to down town Toronto to explore the Distillery District:

We’ve toodled to catch the sunset:

 We toodle to catch the sunset quite a bit:

We even get up REALLY FREAKING EARLY to toodle the sunrise:

But the best part of toodling is getting to spend some much needed alone time with my best friend, taking in the sights, having some new experiences together and enjoying one another’s company.  I’ve even taken up the dreaded cycling to get more toodle time with my mansy.  This gives us the chance to toodle far and wide, explore a bit and see some cool stuff:

Our latest toodle started out with me taking out the dreaded bicycle for a spin by my lonesome.  Michael was coming back from the gym and we crossed paths.  Being the toodle buddy extraordinaire that he is, he spun around and joined me for a lovely morning down by Bronte Marina where we got to explore yet more new territory and be blessed with the opportunity to stalkarazzi a family of swans:

I think, for us anyway, toodling is a way of exploring new things not only around the fabulous area we live in but about each other.  Despite being together for 20 years, there are still surprises to be discovered and adventures to be had.  Lucky for me, my hubby is on board with my shutterbug issue although I think this stems more from it being an impetus to get me on the dreaded cycle than actually enjoying my one-eyed view of the world.  And he also bikes behind me so I think he enjoys that view too.

My point ? Make time to toodle.  It’s not about where you go or what you see, it’s about who you are toodling with.  It’s about taking the time to connect in whatever way works for you.  My husband and I share a love of the water, architecture, beaches, gelato and good food.  We’ll walk, bike or drive to toodle and enjoy all these things but most of all to enjoy each other.  It’s simple, it works and it’s a lot easier to incorporate in to your daily life than trips to some special “club” or a “forgiveness” therapist.  Why waste time with that when there are so many other fantastic ways to spend your toodle time ?

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