Cyclical Athleticism

Through out a variety of times in my life I’ve embraced being VERY physically active.  From training with a former Miss Olympia to power walking to hot yoga, I’ve dipped my toe in to a variety of athletic pursuits.  For one reason or another, training at a gym never appealed to me.  I’m still loving the power walking and am in discussions to resume yoga of some description shortly.   My new love, which surprises even me, is my bike.  Didn’t want it.  Didn’t need it.  Didn’t want to spend the cash on it.  I’m now, officially, in love with my Schwinny.

Now I spent most of my misspent youth toodling around on a bike of some description.  I had the requisite 1970’s banana seat bike: green if I remember correctly.  I remember driving straight in to a pile of brush if for no other reason than I forgot how to turn.  I remember going down a very steep hill in our little hamlet of Rosemere and skidding to a messy end.  My dad had to come a rescue me for that one.  Today I slammed my left foot in to a concrete parking barrier trying to navigate around.  Gotta tell ya it’s still a bit sore.  My husband  joined me on my travels today and kept me company whilst I soaked my throbbing toes in Lake Ontario.

Why am I regaling you of my cycling woes ? Because I’ll be back at it tomorrow if the weather allows.  My trusty Schwinny is not only helping me lose weight and increase my physical stamina, she’s helping me blow off steam and take some great pictures.  My job search, as stalwart as I’m being for Team Plouffe, is not going well and I’m starting to stress.  When I’m off on my Schwinny, I don’t think about it.  I get rid of all the “what if’s” and self-recrimination I’m currently putting myself through for quitting a perfectly good job and going back to school.

Being a cyclical athlete has more than one meaning today.  I’ve paid gym memberships and quit going after three months.  I’ve paid for yoga classes that I enjoyed but didn’t nearly get the benefit out of that I could have.  I’ve bought high-end shoes and pounded the pavement in search of the perfect gait.  That cycle has gone on for years.  But so far cycling with my Schwinny has me hooked.  I’m making use of some of the equipment I’ve bought for other activities.  I’m taking my trusty Sony camera along so that my time alone isn’t completely selfish.  I’m hoping that the cycle ends here and I can commit on a more long term basis to the relationship with my Schwinn.

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