Letting It Happen

Most of my friends who entered in to a “This Is Your Life” show about me, would all get this answer right: is Elizabeth a low-stress, laid back, let it happen kind of gal ? To which a resounding smacking of buzzers would be heard as they all have the right answer to give: Nope.  I’m not a patient person by nature and even less so when in a situation over which I have no control.  This job searching thing is one over which I have little to no control and just letting it happen is so hard.  A life lesson that I need to learn but quite frankly could do without right now.

I am amazingly patient with other people’s kids who are really trying to learn something.  I am very patient with anyone who is trying to learn something actually.  As long as they are trying, I’m good to sit for however long they need.  Once they start messing around and wasting my time, well then I can get a little antsy.  If I’m learning a new technology and I’m engaged with the process, I can sit for hours.  I have the rope marks across my hiney from sitting in shorts and trying to work on my resume or Zenfolio site.  My feet will fall asleep before I realize how much time has gone by.

I’m trying to remember that this waiting period has purpose.  I’m trying to remember that it’s better for my husband that I’m off right now so he can get good sleep.  I’m trying to remember that this won’t last forever and once I’m in the thick of a new job, and all that it will entail, I’ll look back on this time fondly and be grateful I was able to soak up sunshine and spend time with my kids. I’m trying.

My hope is that by utilizing job search techniques, making connections and building my photography business I’ll feel like I’m actually doing something.  Letting it happen is a lot less painful if I’m able to feel a part of the process or at least that I’m not just sitting there waiting.  So I’ll use this time to keep up with industry information, toodle with my trusty Schwinny in search of better health and great pictures and remember that it will happen.  I just have to let it.

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