A Yellow Line

I like color.  LOTS of color. I like colorful clothes.  I like colorful stories.  I like colorful people.  The world is a freaking rainbow connection of color to me (you know the tune – I know you do).  I’m not an outlandish dresser by any means, in fact quite conservative.  Sort of sexy librarian if you will.  But I do like to have some unique pieces that say something more about me than the label I sport on my butt.  I thought I wanted my resume to say the same thing.  I designed it to be that way.  Just enough to stand out but also convey the maximum amount of positive information about me.  Sort of like if someone is looking at my butt: you’ll see I’m well fed, don’t exercise quite as much as I should and am a bit sassy with that come hither sashay that got your attention in the first place.

My resume has some color.  Just a dash of yellow to be exact with my jaunty logo in a lime green box.  I hesitated about that.  I thought it might be seen as immature. I thought it might be seen as quirky.  But something told me to stick with it.  Perhaps I’ve spent too much time sitting on my label and not enough time exercising therefore depriving my stressed out brain of the oxygen it so desperately needs.  I just couldn’t sit and be content to use the same old regurgitated format that everyone uses because they don’t want to think of anything else.  That sounds far more critical than intended but it does underscore the feeling behind my design.  I wanted it to stand out from the crowd.  The problem is I might be standing so far away that those behind the desk see me as “edgy”.  Today my resume was described as “edgy”.  This is worrying me.

The communications industry is diverse.  You can find everyone from the not so sexy librarian all the way to those inspired by the dominatrix look and are happy with bring the whip to work day.  There can be those that embrace the creative side of people and encourage tangent thought processes and there are those that see the safety of the box and stay firmly inside it.  I fall in between.  I love rules, process and  knowing what is expected.  LOVE IT. Then there is that edgy me who likes to work within the rules but put my own twist on it.  Sort of a “let’s see what we can do here” kind of thing.  Hence the yellow line. I put a yellow line on my resume and a green box around my logo in nod to my communication style (yellow / green).  Very not edgy or so I thought.

Now my little neurotic voice that I can usually talk down from the ledge is saying, quite loudly I might add, What have you done ! You had to have that little yellow line.  You had to go and be unique.  You had to try and show your design skills by doing something different.  And where has that got you ? Lots of fantastic informational chats with amazing professionals but not one job offer from any of the applications sent in to those actually hiring. Oy vey.  I truly believe in the value of connecting with people but am wondering if this perceived “edginess” could be cutting me off from the employment line ?

So for the sake of a yellow line do I hold fast to my creative vision ? For the sake of a green box do I continue to buck tradition ? For the sake of what I perceive to be an accurate representation of my skills and personality do I remain “edgy” ? My hope is that by sticking to my vision I will find a job that embraces who I am rather than me having to fit in to a mold that is just going to crush me sooner or later.  I’ve done that.  I’ve tried to be someone I’m not and it is not a line I want to cross again.  I am a professional communicator with a creative edge that can’t wait to put skills and personality to work for the right organization.  Looks like standing out might just mean stepping over the line now and again.

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