As The Fates Have It

This post is part job search and part personal exploration.  The thought pattern involved is borne of several things.  My ongoing job search is the obvious candidate but then there are the other life decisions where you have to stop and give yourself a shake.  Should I pick that tile ? Why did I go with that haircut ? Is this the partner for me ? Some look for signs ( I know everything has a meaning for me) and some just roll the dice.  Some believe that the fates are set before you begin your journey and others believe fate is in your hands.  I know I’d like to be on the business end of the scissors of fate.  If anyone is going to have the power to cut my strings, I’d like it to be me.  But having said all that, when do you know what to do ? When do you know if the string you’ve cut is the right one ?

This is part of my job searching journey right now.  What jobs to go after and what jobs to avoid.  Do I take anything that’s offered or do I stand firm to my goals ? Do I make the most of my medical, volunteer and literary experience or tie a new string to my life line and go on a completely different journey ? I would hope that likes most things, fate is akin to a living document where strings can added or subtracted.  I would hate to think that my whole life is tied to one string, one path, one certain outcome.  I would like to think that sometimes I know what to do and my strings are plentiful.  Something like a violin bow versus the violin.  Lots of choices versus only 4.  I’m sure some days my set of strings looks just about worn out and couldn’t pull a tune out of a violin if its life, or mine, depended on it.  Others it is full of rosin and the strings come together to produce a concerto that would make birds jealous of its beautiful song.

I will admit that I like the journey.  It is exciting to think of all the possibilities that are out there.  It is interesting to wonder what the fates may have in store for me.  Will I be the whiz of PR World and dazzle with my media skills ? Will I be more on the creative end and develop a stand out campaign ? Will I be working quietly in the background providing support to a strategic genius that will take the world by storm ? Will I be able to effect change of public opinion or have the opportunity to educate ?  I think the fates will let me know in due time what I need to know.  In the meantime, I think I’ll try to influence the fates a bit by upping my job search and continuing to make more connections.  After all, those sisters are not the only ones who have a hand in my fate.  I’ve got a big stake in keeping those strings safe from the scissors too.

2 thoughts on “As The Fates Have It

  1. I think many of us are in the same position, and I definitely have the same thoughts going through my head. I am also worried about pigeon holing myself into a certain niche, and not being able to explore other options later down the road.

    I wish I could try everything, so I could know what I like best from the get go!

    • I’m lucky that I’m about 20 years ahead of you on trying out the options 🙂 I’ve done restaurant, retail, nannying, medical office admin, event security, teaching and now communications. I think the lovely thing about life is that it will always change and you are never stuck. I made the leap at 41 to go back to school to change my stars. Wasn’t the last time I’m sure ❤

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