On The Job – Wading Out of the Weeds

After taking a week off to travel and have some R and R, I’m back in the job search mode.  Now what would someone who is not employed need to take time off from exactly ? I’m still not completely sure but darn it felt good.  It was nice not to be tied to a computer.  It was nice to just play and not think.  It was nice not to feel the weeds clinging around my legs trying to pull me in to the pity party to end all pity parties about my job search.   Could be a field, could be a pond,  could be a blue haze if that floats your boat.  Either way, I’ve had enough. Today I am wading out of the weeds.

I can only surmise that having time off, while having above benefits, also contributes to the weed issue.  Knowing that you are not job searching.  Knowing that you are spending money, no matter how little, that you are not bringing in.  Knowing that despite your best efforts, when you get home the job search equivalent of Ed McMahon will not be standing on your door with the golden job of your dreams ready and waiting.  This certainly adds to the state of my weed issue.  I feel dragged down and blue knowing that I am not contributing to the financial well being of my family and making good use of the education I worked so hard for.  Today, I brought out the machete.

One other thing that keeps me from letting the weeds suck me down completely ? My most excellent family.  Now my kids, bless them, don’t really care one way or the other.  Their lifestyle has not been hugely affected by my lack of employment other than not being able to take a vacation this year.  We are not a high maintenance, multiple activity kind of family.  Sometimes I feel bad about this but I don’t think my kids have suffered.  They’ve had plenty exposure to the arts, sports and culture in general.  We make use of the conservation areas surrounding beautiful Burlington to get back to nature and provide some stress relief.  It’s my husband that has had to put up with my time in the weeds and his never failing belief that I will succeed goes a long way to sharpening my machete when it’s time to climb out.  I’m fortunate to also have a mother whose mix of surprise when I take an unusual task on and declaration of “but of course you did” when I succeed also provides a much needed boost now and again.

What’s working for me to wade out of the weeds ? Keeping up with my social media.  I’ve added a great app called NewsSquares to my Google Chrome homepage that keeps me up to date on health issues, communications, entertainment (though I have my People.com fetish for that as well) and world issues.  This provides excellent information to share via Twitter.  I’ve also added Jobs3 which gathers the positions available from Indeed.com, SimplyHired, and CareerJet in one simple place.  Though I plan to focus on healthcare to maximize the use of my skills in medicine, there are always going to be opportunities that you might not have thought of.  Who wouldn’t want to work for the CBC ? Who knows what health care related companies could be out there ? My list is far from complete so I’ll take whatever help I can get !

So with a figurative machete in hand, I’ll continue to haunt the library and utilize their fantastic resources.  I’ll continue to set up informational chats and be grateful to the professionals who share their time and experience with me.  I’ll continue to work through my “companies I’d like to work for” list and check their sites for the job I know is waiting for me.  As my husband assures me, summer vacation will come to an end, people will return to their jobs in human resources and the right job will be found.  Hey – wait a minute.  That means my kids will go back to school and I’ll have the house to myself !  Hmmmm …. nope.  Still want out of the weeds and am going to keep going until I find success !

2 thoughts on “On The Job – Wading Out of the Weeds

  1. Elizabeth I love your take on things. Yes it’s tough but you have decided not to be defined by your job search. I love the fact that you are looking at companies you would like to work for rather than job. You go girl!. My current contract is due to end next year so I am also searching. Good luck. Keep me posted 🙂

  2. Thanks Jacqueline ! I will confess that I’ve not taken too much control over my “career” in the past and refuse to do that again. I love what I’m going to be doing and want to make sure I’m the right fit for a company so that I can do the best job possible instead of making do. All rested from Dublin ? Sounded like a lovely trip 🙂

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