The Power of the Poochie

I’m not one to blog about my pets.  I love my dog.  I like my fish.  I have a strange affinity with my aloof lizard.  But who wants to hear about how many times my dog fetched her ball or the cute thing my fish did with his tail ? And don’t get me started on that darn lizard who gazes at me like I’m a giant cricket if I’m a bit late with the bugs.  Kind of freaks me out actually.

Jimeny the Lizard
@MyCV Photography

But my dog is special.  This morning she deserves a shout out for her ability to embrace the Zen.

@MyCV Photography

My Chanel @MyCV Photography

We’ve all heard of the healing power of pets.  The mystical way they can sense seizures or sniff out cancer.  The way they’ve brought home lost children or stayed by the side of an elderly person in trouble.  Lassie and Rin Tin Tin have stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for crying out loud.  Accolades abound for the stars of the canine world.  My dog ? She’s a little Schnoodle we rescued from an apathetic owner who by his own admission was more of a Chihuahua person.  Nothing wrong with Chihuahua’s but they aren’t exactly a high energy dog.  Schnoodles ? They are the epitome of the “where’s the ball?” dog from Dr. Doolittle.

Fortunately for me, my dog is a bit of a split personality.  As much as she’s up for a hike-a-thon only to be followed by a walk-a-thon and then a throw-a-ball-a-thon, she’s also a fantastic cuddler. She is a cold day’s dream as she snuggles next to me in my chair.  Now I love my chair.  I love drinking a warm tea in my chair.  But what I love more is when I’m in the chair that I love, with the tea that I love, reading a book that I love, with my faithful bum warmer by my side.  She calms me more than any brewed concoction that’s supposed to transport me to a tea nirvana.  What does she ask in return ? To be cuddled. Now that’s a win-win situation right there.

I think what I love most about dogs, but my dog in particular of course, is that they don’t judge.  They don’t ask anything in return.  They don’t try to persuade you to buy them something.  They don’t argue. They don’t make you feel bad.  Their drive in life ? To make you happy.  They get the biggest jones out of making us happy ! How cool is that ? How can you ever think of mistreating something that only wants to make you happy ? Boggles my mind.

Right now, I’m stressing about my job search.  I got confirmation at a seminar yesterday that I’m well prepared for interviews.  In fact, I got confirmation this week that I will be getting a call for an interview for a job that looks to be the perfect fit.  This is great ! This is wonderful ! But I’m still stressing.  It’s how I’m built I’m afraid.  If I’m not going full throttle, I get antsy.  With this job search stretching out much longer than I’m comfortable with, I’ve got a towering ant hill going on.  I like to get things done. I like to be busy.  I like actively contributing.  Not working is putting a bit of a kink in that. I need to take a lesson from my dog.

My dog is Zen.  My dog doesn’t stress unless there is a thunderstorm.  My dog doesn’t look for problems or reasons to worry.  She looks for time to play with her Flappy.  She looks for space on my chair when I’m not surrounded by books, notebooks and precariously perched cups of tea.  She embraces the art of the chill. If she knows there isn’t a walk on the horizon, she finds a comfy spot to wait it out. And when in a fit of worry I disturb her and pick her up for a cuddle, what does she do ? She gives me a lick as if to say – I get it. You need me right now. No worries. And then once I’m done with my snuggle and the world makes sense again, she goes back to chilling out.

@MyCV Photography

I read like a crazy person.  I talk to everyone I meet.  I gather info like a research squirrel on a nut bender.  I do this in order to feel Zen with the efforts in my job search.  I take comfort in knowing that I’m trying and keeping busy.  However, this is proving to be stressful as well given the dearth of success I’m having.  What’s the point if nothing is going to happen ? I know this is wrong thinking. I know it will work out.  But in those moments of focusing on the dearth  I’m so thankful for my dog.  Her simple acceptance of my stress, her comforting doggy smell, her little lick that I’m convinced says I love you CrazyLadyWhoFeedMeCookies, is a grounding presence that calms me.

To all of you dog lovers out there who treat your dog well and show them the love they deserve – I applaud you.  I join you in a rounding and enthusiastic crazy clapping of hands to honour our furry friends who might chew our shoes, roll in raccoon poop (that could just be my dog) and bark like an annoying doorbell from hell but who on our dark days remind us that we are loved for nothing more than being ourselves.  All the guru’s in the world couldn’t do a better job than my poochie.  Who knew a dog had that kind of power ? Maybe that lizards’ been holding out on me …

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