What’s Your Type ?

I get a lot of interesting adjectives thrown my way.  Some I expect and some tilt me a little. Some I never seem to understand and some provide insight in to how others see me.  Sometimes I want to know more about why that particular adjective is being prescribed to me and other times … well, not so much.  One descriptor that’s been thrown my way my whole life has been Type A.  I prefer to think of being a Type A as amazing, animated, articulate and amusing.  Others might see fit to choose a different set of Webster’s best offerings.  But a Type A I am and a Type A I will always be.

I do a lot of introspective exercises to gain a better insight in to how I tick.  Now one might assume that as the owner of the Type A personality, I would already be familiar with what makes me tick.  Not so, I assure you.  I also suffer from insatiable curiosity so learning about myself is an ongoing process as I hope it is for most people.  As I age (oh the curse and blessing of saying that) I evolve through experience and influence.  I would hope that we all do.  But as a Type A, I must do it better, faster and stronger than anyone else.  I must succeed at the introspective education to the point of total understanding. Being a Type A is tiring. If you too share this characteristic, you know of what I speak.

As part of my new career, for which my Type A personality seems to suit quite well, I get to meet with new and interesting people.  I enjoy this.  It’s a type of problem solving that my Type A brain gets wrapped up in.  Figure the person out.  What can I do to help them ? How can I make the most out of this meeting ? At a recent meeting my co-meeter figured me out within 10 minutes: he said, “You’re a tiger aren’t you? ” I think that’s just an animal allusion to my not so well hidden Type A tendencies. I need to get things done.  I need to fix what I perceive as running inefficiently.  I need things to be in place and functioning to the best of my ability.  And I need it working this way yesterday.  Grrrrrrrr …..

I often wonder if others know their Type.  Do they spend as much time as I do trying to figure themselves out?  Do they think about what they need to change or improve upon ? This is where I would prefer to be a Type I as in I Don’t Give a Rats … maybe I’d still have some A no matter what my type.

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