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Only 18 Hours Away

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Only 18 hours away
lies the crest of a wave
that has made its way
from lands unknown.
Only 18 hours away
winds crash in to the red cliffs
buffeting it with air
once breathed by strangers
It seems so far away
the edge of this great country
the tip of the beginning
of our welcoming maple leaf
How vast it seems
this land of ours
dividing us by borders
that the wind doesn’t recognize
I marvel at the gifts
that lie within 18 hours
from my piece of the maple leaf
of how the wind carries me there
No so long
is 18 hours to pass
not so far
is the edge to travel too.
Only 18 hours away
lies adventures that we had
that are still blowing to me
on the wind.


Author: Elizabeth Plouffe

Writer, communicator, entrepreneur, tea enthusiast (bordering on fanatic) who enjoys helping others connect. Cookbook reader, cottage lover, book devourer (apparently I make up my own language too) and seeker of the ambition to exercise.

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