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What Color Is Your …

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Have you ever wondered what the point of beige is? Besides giving someone in a paint factory something to do and keeping new house painters in business I mean. It is just such a non color that I’ve often wondered why it’s so popular. Do you want to know why? Because it’s safe. It’s quiet. It doesn’t really draw attention. It just sits around being all beigey and not really make a splash at doing much. Some of my house is beige though my bathroom is bright orange and my family room is pumpkin colored. Fashion wise, I’ve never really been much of a beige person until recently. Recently I embraced beige. Scared the crap out of me. I’m not a crazy dresser believe me but beige? Really?

I first noticed the beige a few months ago when I started having to make some tough decisions. I can’t go in to too much detail about those decisions but for those of you who are close and have heard me rant and worry, you know what I mean. For those of you that aren’t, let’s just say life has hit an unexpected curve in one area and I’m struggling a little to stay on track and be positive.  It’s times like this that my normally colorful personality becomes very beige. I even dress the part. Lots of grey and black and beige. Ugh. If your outside reflects your inside then I was on the fast track to being a fashion mood ring.

BUT – have faith. My beige is turning around. Thanks to my personal caped crusader who has the patience of Job and friends who know this whining shall pass, my perspective is changing about the situation. My family’s belief in my ability to, how did my daughter put it?, “Grab the bull by the horns” helps with the changes that are slowly lifting the veil of beige from eyes to see color again. To see that my insides are influenced by my outsides but not controlled by them. By choosing to be me and be colorful and fight the beiges, I choose to live my life in a positive way that will bring positive energy. Part of that is bringing back the color. Actively searching out fashion choices that are bold and fun and reflect where I’m going not where I may have become mired.

What color am I right now? Still a bit beigey. I know some people live their life quite happily in all shades of beige and I applaud them for it. Good for you! However – I am not one of those people. I am more of a shiny things person. Not zany like a WhatNotToWearOhMyGodSheIsWearingThatOutside episode but at least a zippy scarf or something. Something that shows I’m ok with change. Ok with taking chances. Ok to take on new opportunities. Oh look – what’s that I see? The snappy purple turtleneck sweater that I wore today. With it? A unique pendant that sparkles. Hmmm … looks like the beiges might be on their way out after all.

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Author: Elizabeth Plouffe

Writer, communicator, entrepreneur, tea enthusiast (bordering on fanatic) who enjoys helping others connect. Cookbook reader, cottage lover, book devourer (apparently I make up my own language too) and seeker of the ambition to exercise.

One thought on “What Color Is Your …

  1. This is such an interesting perspective on color. Your writing is exciting and engaging. I have a literary review blog, so I value quality writing. Keep posting!

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