Got Me Some Serendipity

I’ve been absent from the blogging world for a bit now but not without good reason. When my brain is too full to think clearly, then sending out those jumbled thoughts in to the universe is not necessarily as constructive an exercise as it is for others. You know who you are. My modus operandi is to pull back and keep to myself until a cohesive thought pattern emerges that at least vaguely resembles decent writing. That’s not to say I haven’t had GREAT blog post ideas. It’s just that I was to overwhelmed with life to remember to write them down. I’m sure they’ll come around again. For now, my thought is about serendipity.

In my last post, I recounted a bit about how at the end of January I made a tough decision. My employment situation was becoming more of a challenge than reward. I don’t usually give up lightly lest you think I am one to run at the first sign of trouble. I’m not. In fact I’m usually a bit tenacious about things I am personally vested in and I was very personally invested in this job. It was my first foray in to my new career and I had worked my hiney off for the past year to prove myself and improve the organization as was fit to my role. I can honestly say I did accomplish this before things went south. I won’t go in to the details but I did a damn good job and have the feedback from others. However, it was rapidly becoming clear that this was no longer working for myself or my employer so as I was getting ready to quit, my employer had decided to make some changes as well. We came to a mutual agreement and off I went.

Now I will share that after my job ended, I felt a huge relief. HUGE. And a few friends and my husband let me know that they too were relieved. They could already see the positive change in me. My old self resurfacing after months of losing myself. I was quite surprised that it had affected me so much that others noticed physical and emotional changes in me. Yikes. So while things ended unexpectedly, my first serendipitous moment had occurred.

Unbeknownst to me, fate had another surprise in store. As I joined my friends for a strategy meeting and to raise a glass to freedom, my family was barreling down a local ski hill on their snowboards. This in and of itself was not unusual. My husband and kids are very active in winter while I prefer a more sedate relationship with snowflakes. As long as the flakes are on one side of the glass and I’m on the other with a cup of tea, then things are kosher. But the flakes had other plans for my family. The flakes had been thawing and freezing a bit and they had turned in to my arch nemesis ice. Coincidentally, ice also happens to be the nemesis of anyone barreling down said ski hill with both feet strapped to a board as my husband was to find out. I think you might see where this is going though it’s not as dire as the more ghoulish among you might like.

Now I won’t recount in full detail what the past 6 weeks have been like but let’s just say this is where serendipity steps in. While it sucked the big banana that my job ended on the same day my husband suffered a serious medial mishap, all I can say now is thank goodness. His post surgery recovery would have required me to take at least three weeks off work or do a crap load of juggling to get people to take him to appointments, etc. And if this had been the only thing to happen during the past six weeks, that would have been enough but we also had my son get a concussion while snowboarding, our basement flood not once but twice and the brakes go on my van while on the top level of a parking garage. I don’t share this with you, as I tenderly blow my swollen nose (yes, I got sick too), for a pity party but to share that serendipity is real.

I had a wise friend remind me that everything happens for a reason. You forget that when you are in the middle of life handing you a bag of smelly poop with a shower of butt whoop and a broken umbrella in your hand. It is hard to see the silver lining and find the positive in what appears to be a deep hole of snapping alligators. But it’s there. You need to look. You need to find a way to remember that this is going to end. That you will come out the other side. One of the bonuses of what has happened over the past few weeks is having to take charge of my husband’s medical issues has reminded me how much I love patient care and how focusing on a career in healthcare communications is absolutely the right thing for me. As jumbled as my brain was before, it’s crystal clear now that the silver lining was shining on this path the whole time. See? Serendipity. Sometimes it’s just clarity waiting behind a cloud.Image

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