Singing out the Stress

So it’s been a while since I’ve had anything to say. If you know me personally you’ll know that’s a big fat lie but if you don’t, it’s a big fat lie then too. I’ve got a lot to say and usually I say it but sometimes showing up to the page, to quote Julia Cameron and Elizabeth Berg, is just hard. You might even say it’s stressful. What to write, what message to put out, did that sound nasty? I heard of a great way to deal with that stress today – singing.

Why sing you ask? Well apparently singing out loud (having a major jam session in your head doesn’t count) reduces cortisol. That nasty little hormone that we release in times of stress that plays untold havoc with our bodies. I could go in to the why’s and where to fore’s of cortisol and all it’s glory but I’ll let the experts tell you:

That’s not to say I don’t understand the role of cortisol and the fun times I’ve had dealing with it, I just never thought to sing it away.

How simple. How easy. Did you realize that belting it out like Adele while bopping along the highway was actually doing good things for you other than enriching your fantasy life which now includes a stint on Broadway? Who knew? PsychCentral did.

Well it got me thinking. I probably don’t sing enough. I’m sure Adele doesn’t need to worry about her day job but I don’t break glass. Guess what? It doesn’t matter if you do break glass. Heck, the other drivers can’t hear when I’m cussing them out for cutting me off or driving recklessly so I’m sure Someone Like You will remain pristine and timeless in their ears. And if you are trapped on the highway in the throes of another rant on how bad Ontario highways are and why isn’t there a hunky construction guy around to oogle, take a moment to sing.

Sing out loud. Sing out strong! Those Carpenters had it right. Now I couldn’t find a decent version with Karen and Richard but I’m sure you’ll agree the Muppets with Lena Horne are a great stand in:

Go on. You know you want to. And if you happen to pull up beside someone doing the happy dance and singing out loud, feel free to join in. Adele and I are looking to start a new group and you are more than welcome to join us.

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