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Some thoughts from SFN Health. Ok my thoughts on SFN Health …. 🙂

Connecting Healthcare Professionals

Wednesday, September 24th

I’m going to lead with the date from now on so the frame of reference doesn’t get lost in the framework of me blabbing about SFN. We’ll try it out anyway.

SFN Oakville had a great turnout again and despite an upset tummy and overwhelmed brain I went out to support and enjoy James and the gang. I’m so glad I did. I know there can be a lot of barriers for people to attend networking events and this is one of the first times I just powered through and went anyway. It kind of reminded me of a yoga session in that you make it what you can. If you need to lie in Savasana (corpse pose) for the class, then you are encouraged to do so. Likewise, if you aren’t sure how to start networking and aren’t sure how to talk to people, then pick…

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