Batshit Crazy

I think we all know what an incredibly small world it is that we live in.  There is not much to be said for privacy or alone time.  It’s quite challenging to live in isolation.  You have got to really want to be alone in this day and age, like backwoods Alaska alone, in order to live in isolation.  Between cell phones, computers, satellites and goodness knows what other alien technology that’s about to be released upon us, it’s hard not to connect with someone.  Last night, was such a night for a spectacular illustration of just how small the world is.

A few years ago, I had a friend who had challenges making other friends.  In fact, my other friends thought I was a bit batshit for being friends with this woman.  But being the outside of the box thinker that I am, I saw some good in this person and enjoyed our conversations. I enjoy talking about weird stuff like baroque music and obscure diseases.  Not really common fodder for conversations in a coffee shop.  So for this, and some other reasons, this woman and I were friends until things went sideways.  My other friends had been right all along it seems.

The details of the demise of the friendship aren’t important.  Needless to say, the end was justified. But something always seemed a bit off.  I always knew I was right for ending the friendship but felt I was missing some pieces.  Last night, in true small world fashion, I found out the missing pieces.  During a discussion with someone I’d never met before, the small world got even smaller as we discovered to have this woman in common. So after three years of wondering and theorizing, I can put my worries to rest.  The problem with my ex-friend ? She was batshit crazy.

I have been giggling ever since I heard that. That phrase describes the situation and the person involved perfectly.  It can be used in so many ways but when someone just does things and says things that you can’t explain with logic or reason, well my friend, they are batshit crazy.  I’m taking liberties at using it without permission from the woman I met last night, but I don’t think she’d mind. My guess is I’m probably one of the last people on the planet to hear it so I doubt it’s trademarked. But now how I love it so.  It’s a truth universally acknowledged that most of the world is batshit crazy and now we have the perfect phrase to describe those behaviors that just defy all other adjectives.

I recognize that it’s a bit crass.  I know that as a learned word smith  I’m completely capable of coming up with a cleaner, classier turn of phrase but sometimes you just have to go with what works and batshit crazy sums it up nicely. My ex-friend has since moved far, far away and my life is non- the poorer for her not being in it. That’s the decision that has to be made: is that person worth the batshit crazy or not? I went with not AND ended up making a new friend who has just the right amount of batshit crazy to be entertaining but not quite enough for me to drive her to live with my ex-friend. Win, win.

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