But Why Like That ?

I’m easy to shock. It’s sad actually just how easy it is.  As someone who operates from quite a narrow field of view as far as what level a job should be done at, I get shocked quite a bit. I assume that if you’ve gone to the trouble of trying to get a job, that this means you actually plan to do the job and do it well.  If you are going to schlep out the good shoes and fancy tights, put effort in to the resume and get your best face on for an interview, you must mean business. Do you see why I’m easy to shock ? Gullible comes to mind.

I’ve worked in a few different industries and many different jobs.  I’ve worked with people who inspire me to do my best by their own high standards and I’ve worked with people who have to be reminded to breathe they are so sloth-like. I’ve worked with creative people that just amaze me with their incredible ideas and I’ve worked with people whose idea of creativity is moving the stapler to the other side of the desk. Inspiration only strikes when it’s time to choose lunch rather than seeing how to make the work place better.

My reputation as a hard-ass is well documented. Why am I seen that way ? Oh people have good reason. I am a hard-ass and a judgemental one at that. These are not two of my best qualities but they do make me work hard. If I’m going to judge you, I better be damn sure I’m doing a better job. Of course the right thing to do would be to not judge but that’s a work in progress. In the meantime, I am harder on myself than on anyone around me so in the end I pay the price of being said hard-ass. My 75% grey head requiring extensive coloring is testament to that.

My point ? I guess I don’t understand how people can go through the interview process, profess interest for a job, start the job and then be done. No growth. No gumption. No problem solving. Nothing. It’s like the law of inertia failed once you rolled down the hill and hit the desk. Momentum is spent and no further shall you travel. Is it a sense of entitlement ? Is it a fear of failure? I’ve yet to figure this out. I’ve yet to understand how my least is someone else’s best. I’ve not been able to process how someone can be satisfied with doing a half-assed job. There’s that judgemental thing again.

Yes, you can do a job and succeed by doing the minimum. Yes, you can stay just on the radar enough to get noticed but not enough to get in trouble. But why like that ? Why develop your career like that ? Why not take chances and see if you can beat your best ? Why not skirt the edge of trouble in the name of progress ? Do you really want to spend your working life knowing you only did the minimum ? Or do you want to look back at string of accomplishments that make you proud? And when you are done being an employee to the best of your ability, as I was when I first wrote this, then you’ll have the skills and work ethic you need to be an entrepreneur 🙂

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