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Connecting Healthcare Professionals

Monday, October 13th – 5 Days Late ….

So this definitely didn’t happen last night but I’m hoping in the spirit of Thanksgiving and all things saintly in this world associated with having a cold AND a kitchen under renovation, you’ll forgive me. If it makes a difference, I’ve been writing this post in my head for three days so intention must count for something.

Wednesday, October 8th was the second SFN Health Professionals meetup at the Ivy in Burlington. A small but mighty group came out and what was really nice to see was so many new members! That’s what is going to make the biggest difference to the success of this group: new people hearing about it and coming out. On that note – the post that follows:

My how time flies. Six months ago, SFN Health Professionals didn’t exist. It was an idea about to be born…

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