Superhero Energy

So I’m a little weird. And by weird I mean I embrace a certain amount of weird in my life including astrology, tarot, numerology, ghosts, being intuitive / psychic, etc. I know, I know. Some will scratch their heads. Some will say, “I knew there was something super cool about her!”. Just in case that wasn’t enough of a TMI – I have a thing for superheroes too. The Avengers? X-Men? Daredevil? Electra? Yup. Love ’em all. If Thor came knocking I’d be a happy lady. But I digress. Today is about the irony of negative energy.

Now negative energy in itself is not ironic unless you happen to be a really mean person and are surprised when a piano falls on you. Negative energy my friend – the universe pays attention to that stuff. Overall I’m not a mean person. Well I like to think I’m not a mean person but I am a worrier. World class, card carrying worrier. I try not to be but having started my third business within a six month period I’ve got my share of stuff to worry about. This worrying comes with a price – negative energy. I’ve also got a kid with Aspergers and that brings a whole other set of energy.

The other day I decided to do try and unload some of the negative energy I’ve been feeling. I don’t drink, smoke, take pharmaceuticals or engage in other hanky panky related activities that some people use to deal with negative energy. I just kind of deal with it. Monday I decided to look up how to clear negative energy and used several methods. Took me about an hour of doing nothing that required animal sacrifice but took me a bit out of my comfort zone. BUT – it worked. I felt better. Lighter. Calmer. Yeah! Then the phone rang.

After spending all that damn time to clear the energy, I pick up the phone from my son’s high school vice principal to discover that he’d had a bad morning. An unusually bad morning that resulted in a 4 day suspension. Yup. Super duper bad morning all around. Now the good news was because I’d spent all that time clearing out negative energy, I didn’t completely freak out when I heard why he’d been suspended and trust me, it was freak out worthy. I was able to be calm and process what was going on. But how ironic that I spend the time dealing with this energy issue only to have karma say, Nope. Not today. Today we’re just going to keep handing you crap.

After I hung up the phone, I thought to myself, Self? We need to add a little more clearing before heading out in to the world today or somebody is going to feel the wrath of a pissed off mother. That will not end well for anyone. So I tried a few more of the suggestions AGAIN in the high hopes that the phone would not ring again. It didn’t. Phew.

I recounted this story at a networking event a few days later and the ladies were in stitches because really? REALLY? I finally am proactive about dealing with all this negative energy build up and then you hand me the granddaddy of all stress button pressing situations of my kid being suspended and the actions that got him suspended??? They were laughing so hard they suggested I take up comedy improv as a stress reliever. The good news is that my son will continue to provide me fodder for comedy routines for years to come.

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