Like A Surgeon

Sometimes some wise words escape my brain …

Across the Desk

Like most people new to the entrepreneur game, I’ve spent most of my working life working for someone else. I’ve never had to negotiate contracts or hard line anyone. Well not much anyway and I’ve usually had the backing of someone must wiser and tougher than me which makes taking the hard line much easier. But now? Now I need to be able to not only take the hard line but draw the line like a surgeon making his first incision. Fast. Clean. And emotion free.

Now that’s not to say that surgeons don’t feel anything when they are operating on someone but I’ve assisted on some minor procedures and you do get a certain detachment. An ability to separate the human emotional component from the job you have to do. That’s what hard lining for your business requires. The ability to separate yourself from the emotion invested in the…

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