All The Wrong Reasons…

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I think I’ve become what I swore I would never be – a stats whore.  I thought I wouldn’t care.  I thought it wouldn’t bother me if only a few or even no one took an interest in my blog.  It was about writing.  It was about honing the craft.  It was an outlet and an opportunity to learn from others.  Who was I kidding ?  While this is still the goal, the need to generate

I just stumbled across a great blog: via the Freshly Pressed.  She is funny, easy to read, honest and has a great following.  Already.  Only since March.  Unlike the book The Secret that she would like to drive over, I honestly feel myself inching towards the driveway to put myself under the wheels.  The post I came across ? Feelings of Blog Inadequacy ! Argh… The title alone drew me in and spoke to how I feel right now.

I am learning the ropes.  I am trying to make this a success.  I have subscribed to a few blogs that I find really enjoyable.  I’ve met a lovely young lady whose blog I really enjoy and she has subscribed to mine. Yeah !  What I want to know is – why can’t this be enough ?  Why am I seeking validation ?  Am I doing this for all the wrong reasons …

4 thoughts on “All The Wrong Reasons…

  1. “Why am I seeking validation ? Am I doing this for all the wrong reasons …”

    I keep telling myself that I should just enjoy the writing…but the wrong reasons linger, don’t they?

  2. I feel like it’s natural to get obsessed about stats at first – I was worried for a long time that I wasn’t writing for the sake of writing, but then I realized that even though over time my stats haven’t really risen significantly, I don’t care. I still want to write every day, because it’s good practice and I enjoy it. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

    • Thank you voice of reason. I try not to worry. I have a lot going on right now with some big changes coming in my life. Very positive, but very big. Writing is part of those changes. I think I’m worrying because I’d like to justify the potential disruption to my family. I seem to hear that “don’t be so hard” comment a lot. I see a pattern ….

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